Step 1: Request Certificate of Good Standing and Certified copy of Articles of Incorporation from Delaware Secretary of State
Go here:

Step 2: Fill out Wyoming form. You are filing for domestication as a foreign entity. This allows you to keep same EIN and tax base: > Profit Corporations > Out of State Forms
Step 3: Send this form to the Wyoming registered agent for his signature. Use this agent: Check that there are no plans to raise the $25 fee

STEP 4: When Wyoming company is up and running, dissolve the Delaware company. Use this form:

STEP 5: Be sure to submit the annula report to Wyoming ($50) and pay the registered agent ($25)

Go here:

DOUBLE CHECK: Make sure that Wyoming is not giving me a new charter (certificate of Incorporation), since this would require a new EIN number.

Check with Andy

Wyoming contact: Do I keep the original date of formation?